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Sarah Robbins was a kindergarten teacher by trade. Because of the economy, she was regularly facing the loss of her job. She was always looking for an extra stream of income, but nothing she did really clicked with her. (Sarah actually joined a Network Marketing company, but when the enthusiasm of the moment passed and she took a closer look, she decided it wasn’t for her and quit the very same day.)

Then she discovered Rodan + Fields (from the creators of Proactiv). In one school year, Sarah was able to surpass her full time salary, and she’s now able to earn more than quadruple in one month what she would have earned annually teaching! Her company has recognized her as a top team builder, as well as their #1 earner, and RFX achiever (the very top of the pay plan). She has been featured in industry publications including Networking Times, as a Master Networker.

Sarah is still a teacher at heart- she is leading the fastest growing organization in the company! Teaching, training, and leadership development continue to be her passion! She takes her position seriously, and “trains to the top”!

Sarah and her husband reside in Michigan, and have started a foundation for women and children, that they are fully funding through their Network Marketing business.


Here’s a podcast/clip with Sarah that comes from her interview for the book. The complete, unabridged 18 hours of interviews as well as the 500 pages of unedited transcripts are available for sale here Interviews with The Greatest Networkers in the World.

In this podcast/clip, John asked Sarah if she had any mentors in this business that had a real influence/impact on her. She answered immediately, “Without a doubt!” You’ll learn who they are AND an interesting side bit Sarah spoke about:

“I quit more than any person in this company.”

And now she’s an annual million-dollar income earner.

Let, please, that be a lesson… <smile>

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Adobe  PDF Sarah Fairless Robbins: A Culture of Abundance and Generosity
An excellent piece about Sarah and her journey into and through Network Marketing by Josephine Gross, Ph.D. of Networking Times.
10-page PDF.

Adobe  PDF Sarah Fairless Robbins: Belief Times Three
In order to be successful in our profession, you must have strong belief— in the company and its products, in network marketing as a powerful leveraging model, and most importantly, in yourself.
1-page PDF.

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