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Richard Brooke grew up on a cattle ranch in central California. After high school, he pumped gas at Pearson’s Arco at the corner of G and Olive streets. He lived at the gas station in his camper.

After failing to lock the front door of the gas station two nights in a row, he was fired and went to work for Foster Farms, the largest poultry processing plant in the world. It was a union job that paid $3.05 an hour, complete with benefits, seniority, vacation, and best of all‚ retirement. Richard cut chickens into parts as they flew past him on the production line.

Having established gainful employment at the age of 22, Richard fully expected to spend the next forty years of his life working at the chicken plant, building seniority (POWER), vacation time (FUN), and clicking off the years to retirement (FREEDOM).

Then a friend introduced him to a business model that promised fun, freedom and (as he would later describe it) a life beyond money. Stepping in to a new way of thinking and working required a huge change in perspective. Richard had to believe that he was both capable and deserving of success, and then relentlessly pursue a new direction in his life. With the help of friends, mentors and coaches, he did just that.

Richard made his first million before the age of 30, advancing to the top sales-leader position in a $60 million Network Marketing organization made up of more than 200,000 sales people. At age 31, he became the Executive Vice President of that company. Richard boasts a successful career as both a full-time Network Marketing sales leader and corporate executive since 1977. He is a current, elected member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) Board of Directors and serves as on the Ethics Committee, as well.

Through Richard’s coaching, writings and seminars thousands of leaders have discovered new distinctions in listening, leadership, courage, relationships, team spirit and big-time fun. He is the author of Mailbox Money, Mach II With Your Hair On Fire and co-author of The New Entrepreneurs: Business Visionaries for the 21st Century.

“All great endeavors are fraught with risk and adversity. Leaders are powerfully motivated by their Visions to stay on course to their goals, regardless of the obstacles. They are eternally enthusiastic. They have the courage to face their fears and go where others are afraid to go.

Leaders generate the physical wellness and energy to do the work. They possess the persistence to immediately regroup and relaunch when needed. They unleash their innate creativity to solve problems and adopt positive interpretations of all circumstances. Their journey is not dependent on what anyone thinks or whether anyone follows. They just do it … anyway!

I believe that leadership is the greatest profession of the 21st century. Nowhere will it be more richly rewarded than in the people-enrichment business. That’s our business, and I challenge you to step out and take it on. You’ll love the adventure.”

Richard continues to play full out from hiss homes on the lake in the resort community of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Carmel Valley, California. He enjoys Harleys, golf, water sports, scuba-diving, skiing, snowmobiling, helicopter flying, a good game of poker and a real Cuban cigar.


Here’s a podcast/clip with Richard that comes from his interview for the book. The complete, unabridged 18 hours of interviews as well as the 500 pages of unedited transcripts are available for sale here Interviews with The Greatest Networkers in the World.

In this podcast/clip, John asked Richard what it was like in the beginning for him? How did he do? I’m guessing the answer will surprise you.

“Somewhat horrible…”

There’s more.

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Here are more resources for you to keep & share by Richard.

First a MasterMind Session and Richard’s classic Mach II With Your Hair On Fire! The best book on the power of self-motivation & vision ever written.

Click the title link to listen to the MasterMind Session with your own default media player & download the Mp3. It’s yours to keep and share. Click the player to listen on-line.

Building Your Network Marketing Empire with Richard Brooke.
What you’ll be getting in this Session is another installment of “Conversations With The Greatest Networkers in the World” is a straight-up dose of “classic” MLM business-building how and why to.

Richard Brooke has been creating millionaires in network marketing for more than 30 years. He is one of our industry’s true Masters.

And he doesn’t pull any punches about what it really takes to succeed: both hard and smart work and a good amount of both are at the top of his to do list. In this Session, Richard speaks about the fundamental (and vital to understand) difference between the direct sales and network marketing business models, the role of retail sales, how he starts his brand new people, relationship, the skills it takes to have successful prospecting conversations, the concept of “leap-frogging” and more.


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Mach II With Your Hair On Fire!
will lead you on a path to personal freedom by developing an ideal vision of the life you want. Sharing candid stories from his own life experience, Richard Brooke takes you on a journey to discover inner peace, independence and success… authored by YOU.

This dynamic work will teach you how to:

  • Shed self-imposed limitations to achieve greatness.
  • Discover your authentic core values and life purpose.
  • Embrace new thought processes that will open doors of personal fulfillment.
  • Set aside self-doubt and skepticism to develop a vision of the life you can have.
  • Harness enthusiasm, courage, physical energy and creativity to turn your dreams into reality.
  • Craft an emotion-packed movie script that lets you to see, hear and feel your vision in the now.

Click the title link below to download your 202-page eBook in PDF format.

Adobe PDF Mach II With Your Hair On Fire!


One vital & important gold thread that runs through The Greatest Networkers selected for the book is a passionate commitment to raising the bar for all key aspects of the profession. What follows is an excerpt (the entire piece is available for you as a downloadable PDF file that’s yours to keep & share) from a talk Richard delivered at the MasterMind Event, presented by Art Jonak in Houston, Texas. It speaks for itself. Enjoy the piece and take it’s message to heart, please.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall:
The Future of Network Marketing

The future of Network Marketing is in our hands—the hands of company owners, executives and independent sales leaders. We can band together with shared vision and values and execute a quantum leap in our success, or we can continue to operate with opposing visions and values and battle each other along the way. The future is our choice; it is in our hands, every one of us.
Richard B. Brooke
“United We Stand.”



Click this link to download the Adobe PDF.

Adobe PDF United We Stand, Divided We Fall: The Future of Network Marketing.


The Four-Year Career
The Four-Year Career shows anyone how they can understand the simple mechanics behind how a successful residual income network is built. The clarity provided can fuel you with a quantum leap in your belief that you CAN build your own empire worth millions in net worth.

The videos below cover each of the six “Chapters” in The Four-Year Career presentation: My Story. The People. The Products. The Money. The Asset. Residual Income.

Click the link below to see the videos.


The Four-Year Career® My Story
Richard Brooke— author of Mail Box Money and Mach II with your Hair on Fire and many other personal growth & professional development materials— tells his personal story, how he came from being a chicken-chopper to a success in the profession of Network Marketing. Richard is a highly regarded leader in this business worldwide and an example of what is possible to achieve in this remarkable profession.


The Four-Year Career® The People
Network Marketing is the people business. So, where do all the people come from? How do you get those people involved? Most folks don’t understand compounding & geometric progression. What we do understand is the paradign of sales & selling and that’s NOT Network Marketing— which is a lot of people doing a little bit each.


The Four-Year Career® The Products
Network Marketing is a means of selling products & services. In order to be paid, Network Marketers must sell something, and in order to earn income every month, you must sell something every month. Sales naturally flow from people in-like and in-love with your company’s products & services. Richard refers to his booklet Mailbox Money in this video. Click on the title link to download & read Richard’s 56-page MLM best-seller


The Four-Year Career® The Money
The third cornerstone of The Four-Year Career® is the commission structure— The Money. In general, MLM Network Marketing companies pay out 35 to 45 percent of sales to their representatives. That means Network Marketers typically earn somewhere between 5 to 10 percent of the volume soled by their entire organization


The Four-Year Career® The Asset
The fourth cornerstone of The Four-Year Career® is the residual income. Residual income is money continually earned long after the initial efforts that created it have ceased. It’s much like the royalty income a singer, writer or inventor earns from a successful CD, book or invention. In Network Marketing, you can create a million-dollar asset without the million-dollars— or the risk of significant investment capital required by conventional means— and with less effort than you imagine.


The Four-Year Career® Residual Income
The final element of The Four-Year Career® is your opportunity to create rock-solid residual income and the true wealth and the freedom & quality of life enjoyed by successful Network Marketers the world over.


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