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New Page Added To the Website – Randy Gage

I just finished putting up our very first Contributor’s page here on the site. This for Randy Gage. It’s up above on the navigation bar, under The Greatest Networkers. (Click his name link to get there from here.)

I’m always (almost) amazed how long it takes to get pages posted. Anyhow… the page include a picture & bio of Randy, and there are live links on the page for things that will soon be up in the Free Library. They are available on Randy’s page now.

There’s an hour-long MasterMind Session I did with Randy, How To Build a Multi-Level Money Machine in Mp3 you can listen to on-line and/or download. Plus, The MLM Revolution: A Manifesto, a 42-page eBook and Do You Want the Red Pill or the Blue Pill? a 9-page article, both in PDF files. Yours to keep & share.

And, there’s a link for you to listen to Randy’s classic Escape the Rat Race audio, it’s available along with a host of other great articles, audios, ebooks and more in the Free Library at Click the link to get there from here.


I appreciate you.

Millions of Network Marketing "Thousandaires"

“I’m not interested in thousands of
MLM millionaires.

I’m committed to creating millions of
Network Marketing ‘thousandaires’.”

I’ve made that remark for years. It’s has gained a new importance— and truth— for me as I dig deeper into The Greatest Networkers in the World book project.

Fact is, there already ARE thousands (many thousands) of MLM millionaires around the world. And as professor Paul Pilzer predicts, there are going to be 10 million new millionaires created in the next five or six years— and a significant (very) percentage of them will be Network Marketers.

I have a very strong intuitive sense that the vast majority of those men & women who became millionaires in this business were destined to do so from the get go. They may not have known that, nor had the vision or even belief in the possibility, but if you knew the language you could have easily read the writing on their Facebook walls that predicted their tremendous success.

I have no doubt at all that the stories of the men & women in the book will Inform, Involve & Inspire the “millionaire within” many readers to come out and play full on. That is, after all, one of the book’s Raison d’êtres.

What I believe to be far more significant for our profession and the individual men & women concerned are the growing number of “thousandaires” who will be created as a direct result of learning from The Greatest Networkers in the World sharing their secrets of success.

“Secrets…” Yes, secrets. NOT that these Greatest Networkers… have keep their tools, techniques, tips & training hidden from view. Each and every one of them is a passionate proponent of the “Please Plagiarize Principle” of Network Marketing success— “Here’s what I’ve done that worked. Take it. Please. And make it your own.” Duplication drives the engine of this business. That’s a fact.

What I’m talking about is my personal & professional commitment for the interviews this book is built from to dig down to a whole new level of revealing the specific deliberate practices & principles in action that Jordan Adler, Margie Aliprandi, Sandy Elsberg, Randy Gage, Dr. Sven Gobal, John Haremza, Beth Jacobs, Donna Johnson, Frank Keefer, Jimmy Kossert, Warren Nelson, Orrin Woodward and the other famous others DID that directly created their extraordinary success.

I believe it falls under the category of “Having a goal bigger than you are.”

I’m ready. You? I sure could use your help… <smile>


I appreciate you.

What Makes "The Greatest Networkers in the World" Great? (Part 3)

This is the finale of the “What makes them so great” posts. I know I’ve played the pedant (all too well) here and I do apologize— but only just a little. This three-step is SO important and has shone (and shined) a whole new light on this book project that’s adding tremendous value. Here’s what I mean…

Any book that simply tells the stories of these once ordinary men & women who became extraordinary in this business will be a very good thing. Readers will be compelled to become believers— in the profession itself and also powerfully persuaded & opened up to their own possibilities for success. You know, the “If she can do it… he can do it… I can do it” complex.

As said, good things, but what if there was more?

What if the book dug down into those specific, essential, bedrock things The Greatest Networkers… DID that made them so super-successful?

THAT would be a book truly worthy of The Greatest Networkers… themselves, and THAT would be a book worth 100-times more than the time you invested in reading it and the price you paid for it. (At a retail of $14.95 that’s not that big a deal <smile>)

THAT would be a book that actually entertcated (entertained & educated) and edutained (educated & entertained) people. It would go beyond belief to give you the awareness AND proven things you could DO to become one of The Greatest Networkers in the World.

It’s parent sold more than a-million copies. A book that delivers the value of what’s truly possible with The Greatest Networkers in the World, will do so much more. It could easily turn out to be the most important book on Network Marketing you’ve ever read.

The last post: What Makes “The Greatest Networkers in the World” Great?
(Part 2) left you with this:

The differences between expert performers and normal adults reflect a life-long period of deliberate effort to improve performance in a specific domain.

The burning question I have is, “Specifically, what things did The Greatest Networkers in the World determinedly & deliberately practice that made them great?”

I want to explain that more & better, so… I will. Here.

In Talent Is Overrated, Colvin proves his point with many examples from  such a wide-enough selection of domains of life & work as to take away any “take my word for it” contradictions of the idea’s validity readers may have.

One such illustration was in the form & person of Jerry Rice.

Jerry Rice is the greatest pass receiver in professional football history. His records for receptions and touchdown receptions surpass the second place holders not merely by 5 or 10 percent, but 50 percent! It is highly unlikely his records will ever be bested. Some experts say Jerry Rice is THE greatest football player of all time.

How did he get so good?

“Rice was the greatest because he worked harder in practice and in the off season than anyone else.”

Now add this surprising bit: “Rice did not possess outstanding speed.” And even more, “One of the greatest-ever football players devoted less than 1 percent of his football-related work to playing games.”

From Colvin’s book:

“In team workouts he was famous for his hustle; while many receivers will trot back to the quarterback after catching a pass, Rice would sprint to the end zone after a reception. He would typically continue practicing long after the rest of the team had gone home. Most remarkable were his six-days-a-week off-season workouts, which he conducted entirely on his own. Mornings were devoted to cardiovascular work, running a hilly five-mile trail; he would reportedly run ten forty-meter wind sprints up the steepest part. In the afternoons he did equally strenuous weight training. These workout became legendary, and other players would sometimes join Rice to see what it was like. Some of them got sick before the day was over.”

Okay, that’s Jerry Rice and that’s sports; what about other things, such as music, chess, or business. Pick a field any field, the findings were the same. The great performers in EVERY one were men & women who engaged whole-heartedly and whole-bodily in determined & deliberate practice.

Colvin’s book continues by examining the concept of “Deliberate Practice” in practice.

“Deliberate practice is characterized by several elements…

  • It is activity designed specifically to improve performance, often with a teachers help;
  • It can be repeated a lot;
  • Feedback on results is continuously available;
  • It’s highly demanding mentally, whether the activity is purely intellectual, such as chess or business-related activities or heavily physical, such as sports;
  • And, it isn’t fun.

So, what are those abilities, activities, awarenesses, characteristics, competencies, factors, functions, skills, tasks, techniques… The Greatest Networkers in the World practiced so deliberately and with determination that “made” them so Great?

I don’t know… yet.

I’ll have to write the book to learn what they are and you’ll have to read the book.

Stick around the weblog here. I promise many “leaks” of what’s going on & in the book as we write along.


I appreciate you.

What Makes "The Greatest Networkers in the World" Great? (Part 2)

In his book, Talent Is Overrated, Geoffrey Colvin dug deeply into what separates great performers from good ones. He began his digging & drilling by eliminating those things that did NOT lead to greatness: “It isn’t experience. It isn’t specific inborn abilities. It isn’t general abilities such as intelligence and memory.” So, what does “drive” great performance?

Colvin discovered two things: Hard work and Deliberate Practice.

Thing is, we all know many, many people who work hard. Pick any field of endeavor. For our purposes here, take Network Marketing. Around the world there are hundreds-of-thousands of men & women who, when they are working their business, work hard. How many of them achieve greatness? How many of them could be called The Greatest Networkers in the World?

So from any domain of work: art, music, writing, business, sports… we know that hard work alone does not result in great performance. As the previous post revealed, one thing that was held in common by the greats in every field was that, “no one, not even the most talented” performers, became great without at least ten years of very hard preparation.” The “Ten-Year Rule.”

Anything else? The key is in the phrase above, “years of very hard preparation.” Colvin explains from the scientist’s research…

It could be put very simply: What the authors called “deliberate practice” makes all the difference. Or as they stated it with stark clarity in their scholarly paper,

The differences between expert performers and normal adults reflect a life-long period of deliberate effort to improve performance in a specific domain.

And so it is with The Greatest Networkers… What makes them expert, masterful, great, is years of Determined & Deliberate Practice.

The burning question I have is, “Specifically, what things did The Greatest Networkers in the World determinedly & deliberately practice that made them great?”

Neither you nor I will know until the book is written. But in the next post, I’ll dig up some clues.


I appreciate you.

What Makes “The Greatest Networkers in the World” Great?

Why they’re born Networkers, of course. Born leaders. They’re hard wired for success. It’s their talent. They’re naturals. Gifted.


Sorry. It just ain’t so. And neither was mom, nor dad, nor that angel of a fifth-grade teacher who believed in them and encouraged them and pushed them onward & upward to greatness… the reason why.

It’s wasn’t this or that his or hers mentor, workshop, seminar, The Secret, or their seventh reading of Think & Grow Rich. And of course it wasn’t getting in on the ground floor, “Let’s Make a Deal, luck, or any of the thousand and three reasons (“loser’s excuse for the winner’s success”) that those who envy them conjure up.

Fact (as in scientific research) is, it was one very specific thing. Here, from an article in FORTUNE magazine (October 19, 2006) by the author of the best-selling book, Talent Is Overated, Geoffrey Colvin, is why:


Scientists worldwide have conducted scores of studies since the 1993 publication of a landmark paper by Ericsson and two colleagues, many focusing on sports, music and chess, in which performance is relatively easy to measure and plot over time. But plenty of additional studies have also examined other fields, including business.
No substitute for hard work.

The first major conclusion is that nobody is great without work. It’s nice to believe that if you find the field where you’re naturally gifted, you’ll be great from day one, but it doesn’t happen. There’s no evidence of high-level performance without experience or practice.

Reinforcing that no-free-lunch finding is vast evidence that…

Even the most accomplished people need around ten years of hard work before becoming world-class, a pattern so well established researchers call it the ten-year rule.

What about Bobby Fischer, who became a chess grandmaster at 16? Turns out the rule holds: He’d had nine years of intensive study. And as John Horn of the University of Southern California and Hiromi Masunaga of California State University observe, “The ten-year rule represents a very rough estimate, and most researchers regard it as a minimum, not an average.” In many fields (music, literature) elite performers need 20 or 30 years’ experience before hitting their zenith.

So greatness isn’t handed to anyone; it requires a lot of hard work. Yet that isn’t enough, since many people work hard for decades without approaching greatness or even getting significantly better. What’s missing?

Practice makes perfect
The best people in any field are those who devote the most hours to what the researchers call “deliberate practice.”

It’s activity that’s explicitly intended to improve performance, that reaches for objectives just beyond one’s level of competence, provides feedback on results and involves high levels of repetition.

For example: Simply hitting a bucket of balls is not deliberate practice, which is why most golfers don’t get better. Hitting an eight-iron 300 times with a goal of leaving the ball within 20 feet of the pin 80 percent of the time, continually observing results and making appropriate adjustments, and doing that for hours every day— that’s…

Deliberate Practice.


Colvin’s article, and to a far greater degree his book, Talent Is Overrated, goes on to say much more about this business of “Deliberate Practice.” At the end of this post there’s a link to download a PDF file of the entire article from FORTUNE. I’m requesting each of The Greatest Networkers… featured in the book read the piece, so they’re prepared for me asking them what Deliberate & Determined Practices they did to become virtuosos of Network Marketing and masters of MLM. I do believe it IS where the rubber meets the road and the most important thing they can share with those of you who aspire to your own Greatness in this business— and in your life.

I’ll put the article in the Free Library for you, too. Coming soon. Here’s that download link:

Adobe PDF What It Takes To Be Great – Geoffrey Colvin. It’s yours to keep & share.

By the way, please don’t be dissuaded by my remarks above from buying Colvin’s Talent Is Overrated. It is a rich-read indeed, filled with fascinating examples of the deliberate practices of the rich & famous.


I appreciate you.

Doing the Right Things For the Right Reasons – Donna Johnson

Another introduction to our royal roll-call of The Greatest Networkers in the World, and again, from the distaff side of the dance card.

The lady you are about to meet is the “Queen” of Arbonne International. She was not handed her title by the royal family either. She earned it. Her name is Donna Johnson.

Donna was the company’s first Executive National Vice President and is the number one income earner. Nearly 85 percent of Arbonne is on her “Success Team.” She’s a million-dollar-plus annual income earner and one of the highest paid and most successful Network Marketers in the world.

Donna started in direct sales when she was just 19 years old. She did a bit of secretarial work, but her career was as a youth, high school and college level swimming coach. She was invited to friend’s home party featuring Jaffra Cosmetics and her, “I can do that” thought motivated her to sign up immediately. In four years she’d reached the top of the company’s pay plan. Donna left Jaffra after 10 years when she discovered Arbonne. That was 23 years ago.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before; “You’ve got to be a product of your product.” Take a look at this Greatest Networker’s picture. Recently, a young woman in a dress shop guessed Donna Johnson’s age at 35. Pretty (understated pun for sure) good for the 52 year old grandmother with five children ages 32, 30, 28 and twins who are 16 years old and who is also training for a triathlon!

Eric Worre did a wonderful series of videos with Donna for his website. Here’s the first one.

“My success comes completely from my faith. The work ethic, the discipline, the dedication, it’s all important, but in the end, your results really stem from the values you hold.

“Everyone in time tends to develop a certain theme in their life. For me, that theme is about the Golden Rule, about doing the right things for the right reasons. And I think the more we create a culture in our business based on those values, the more valuable the contribution we make.”

Donna Johnson. One of The Greatest Networkers in the World.

I’ll put more from and about Donna in the Free Library here soon.


I appreciate you.

The Bag Lady – Sandy Elsberg

Time to meet another of The Greatest Networkers in the World, a lady many industry veterans call “The Trainers Trainer,” and I’ve introduced on stage as “The Divine Ms. E,” Sandy Elsberg.

Sandy calls herself “The Bag Lady”— she’s never without her samples, initial product inventory, brochures and distributor applications.

The late Jerry Rubin (yes that Jerry Rubin), called Sandy the Queen of MLM, and Sandy insists that “everybody’s entitled to royalty in this business. She’s taught thousands of men and women how to earn their own crown in this business over the past 30 years. Sandy’s trainings usually have everyone in the audience furiously taking notes— in between frequent bursts of laughter and an occasional tear— but she’s especially empowering to women.

“I tell them a story about an ex-school teacher, nine months pregnant with her second child, with swollen ankles the size of thighs, with no health insurance and $250,000 in debt, who sets out in her beat-up Volkswagen van without heat, air conditioning or a radio, and proceeds to earn over $11,000 during the month her baby arrives. I really treasure that story, because it’s mine and I consider that true story my number one asset in this business.”

“It can be hard for many people to relate to a six-figure income when they’ve been scrambling under the sofa cushions for milk money, but they can identify with me because I’ve lived in that place called FEAR, and I know how it robs people of their power. And, I can show them a way out of it.”

Along her long journey in Network Marketing, Sandy’s authored several books, including the industry bestseller, Bread Winner Bread Baker. She was a regular contributor to Upline Magazine, MLM Insider and other industry publications. She’s been featured in Success magazine and er rags-to-riches story is featured in Richard Poe’s Wave III and Who Stole the American Dream.

Sandy’s MLM organizations typically resemble “a company within a company.” Throughout her 30-plus years in the industry, she’s consistently built organizations that generated millions of dollars annually, achieving the top distributor status in several MLM companies.

Sandy insists she’s still really a teacher at heart. “It is my great privilege to teach others how to become a master copy worth duplicating in their business. This is an industry that allows me to honor my own priorities while rewarding me richly for sharing my abundance with others. For me, MLM is the embodiment of what the poet, Kahlil Gibran, meant when he said, “Work is love made visible.”

Sandy lives in Orange County, California, with her two daughters, Eleah and Anna.

AND, here’s a taste of the Bread Winner Bread Baker philosophy from a MasterMind Session I did with Sandy in which she explains the “Fun!” of Network Marketing— which, as Sandy explains, creates a world without strangers (and what fun is that? <smile>

Click the player below to listen to the 04:40 minute streaming audio online now.

Listen to

The entire MasterMind Session with Sandy will be in the Free Library soon. Yours to keep & share.


I appreciate you.

Herding Cats… Or….

Bringing together 21 of The Greatest Networkers in the World is like this memorable TV commercial below, with one important exception…

Getting these folks together is more herding Lions & Tigers. Big cats. Huge! <smile>

They travel— internationally. Go on MLM Cruises. Attend ALL their company events. Build here. Then there. And host 127 family members over ThanksGiving. <smile>

This is THE most amazing group of people ever assembled. Herding cats, indeed.

The Napoleon Hill of Network Marketing

“John Milton Fogg is the Napoleon Hill
of Network Marketing.”

Art Jonak said that. Of course, I’m honored (and yes, flattered, too) and of course I have neither claim nor desire to walk in Dr, Hill’s Birkenstocks. I do however share some things in common with the author of Laws of Success and Think & Grow Rich. Such as, we were both born in Virginia <smile>.

Like Napoleon Hill— who spent more than 20 years interviewing the leading experts of his day in business, science, education & the arts—  I’ve spent 25+ years interviewing the leading Masters of Network Marketing. Unlike Dr. Hill, who worked for free, I’ve been well paid during that time <smile>.

I don’t profess to know ALL of the men & women who would qualify as The Greatest Networkers in the World. I’m simply blessed to have met and become friends with a bunch of them. Through my work with Upline® and the Master’s Weekends, Network Marketing Lifestyles, Networking Times, The Network Marketing, The MasterMind Sessions and speaking engagements around the world, I’ve interviewed hundreds of Networking Leaders. More importantly (for me certainly) I’ve become friends with many of them.

I’m NOT fond of the term “Low hanging fruit,” yet it is accurate (like my use of the description “ordinary” in the sub-title of the book) in terms of who you’re seeing in the first round of Greatest Networkers. These are people I know. Some I’ve known for years. Some are life-long personal friends. Others are professional friends (and since they are Network Marketers they are ALL “Professional Friends.” That’s what they do for a living). And still others I’ve just met, because of the book, like Ken Dunn and Dr. Sven Goebel.

You might say I have this opportunity and the first people I thought of and told about it were my warm market.

They’re in my “circle of influence.” They know, like & trust me. So they were the most likely to be open to learning about the book and giving serious consideration to whether or not they wanted to get involved.

All natural & appropriate for me to approach this book just as if it was my Network Marketing business opportunity.
I appreciate you.

A leader of Leaders – Frank Keefer

I have a Chinese scroll I was given in Taiwan years ago. (You can see it behind me in the video up on the right.) The meaning of the Han character is: “You are a leader of leaders.” That’s a fine lead-in to the introduction of another of The Greatest Networkers in the World in the book. This gentleman is living proof of a point I learned long ago in this business: Authentic leaders have their attention (and energy follows attention) on their people, not on themselves.

Frank Keefer (whom I refer to with love & respect as “The Captain”) is most proud of the documented fact that he has 200 millionaires in his Networking organization. Frank was co-founder (I was one of the other “co’s”) of Network Marketing Lifestyles Magazine. Under Frank’s direction as President and Chief Executive Officer, that magazine became the number one start-up publication of 1999 and the number one business publication in terms of sales on the newsstands that same year. Frank has over 25 years in the Network Marketing industry and achieved the top pin level in three companies.

Prior to Network Marketing, Frank was a successful executive in the pharmaceutical, advertising and high tech industries serving with such Fortune Fifty corporations as Revlon, Johnson & Johnson, Philips of North America and Motorola. He was the owner or a principle in a half dozen diverse businesses including sports aviation and international security.

A graduate of the University of Baltimore, Frank completed four years of undergraduate work in two years and was elected to the Honor Society. He taught high school for several years and was a single parent for 10 years.

Frank honed his leadership skills in the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets). He was an Honor Graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger School. He was one of only a few to receive a Direct Commission as an infantry officer for combat leadership in Vietnam where he was wounded in action. He’s a world-class parachutist, a high-ranking black belt in the martial arts, as well as a mountain climbing and scuba instructor.

Frank wrote his first book (now out of print), Let’s get Down to Business in 1989. He is the author of Reflections of a Master and Continuing the Journey and I just received three NEW signed books from Frank, The Adventure Continues, How To Become a Million-Dollar Earner and Tao of Success— Building Indomitable Spirit and the Will to Win in Business and in Life.

Clearly, Frank Keefer is NOT one of those “ordinary people” you’ve heard tell of. &lt;smile&gt;. He’s one of the most remarkable men I’ve ever met. Calling Frank “friend” is indeed an honor.

He currently lives with the love of his life, Gingie, on the Wye River on the Eastern Shore of Maryland (their home was the site of the 1998 Mid East Peace Accords) and on Marco Island in Florida. He has three grown children, Lucille, Richard and Frank III and several grandchildren.

You can learn more about Frank at his website here:

Here’s an audio clip I did on Leadership with Frank that will give you even more of an idea just how remarkable a man— and Network Marketing Leader— he is.

Click the player below to listen to the 10:16 minute streaming audio online now.

Listen to

The entire MasterMind Session with Frank will be in the Free Library soon. Yours to keep & share.

I appreciate you.