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Qualities The Greatest Networkers in the World All Share… from Randy Gage

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What's here is a recent (March 25th, 2012) blog post by Randy Gage, one of The Greatest Networkers in the World from Book One. As you'll read below, Randy was reflecting on those qualities he observes which are shared by the best-of-the-best in our profession. As I reviewed Randy's list, it was obvious these same qualities were common to The Greatest Networkers in the World. Read the post and see what you think & feel.

The Top 100

By Randy Gage

I’ve been included on some pretty cool lists recently. This includes being voted the #1 trainer, making the top ten of the MLM Power 50, being featured in The Greatest Networkers in the World book, and also in an upcoming book on the business from a major publisher.

It’s an honor to be named to these lists, and it’s also a great learning experience, because of who you share company with. (Like being on the faculty at Art Jonak’s Mastermind Event.) I’m honored and proud to know probably the top 100 people in this amazing profession. So I was reflecting about the commonalities I see across the spectrum and thought it would be cool to share them with you.

Here they are:

Everyone in the group is a dreamer. They stopped buying the gloom and doom mind viruses of pop culture and reconnected to the vision of greatness we all once had for ourselves. If Morpheus were to offer them the red pill or the blue pill, they would always choose the trip down the rabbit hole rather than the safety of the Matrix—because they know that in the new reality, the safe choice is where the real risk is. They know that those who choose being “safe” become the worker drones in the collective. So they dream of freedom and security.

They have guts.

Because millions of people dream of freedom and security. The people in this group have the guts to go after it.

Everyone in the group is a critical thinker.They reject conventional wisdom and practice discernment. They are curious by nature and open to challenging their most deeply held foundational beliefs.They are not cynics, but they are skeptical. They question authority, and they want to know the reasoning behind a premise. They know that any beliefs they have that serve them will survive a healthy skepticism, and any beliefs that don’t stand up under scrutiny need to be replaced.

They work their ass off.They don’t look for the free lunches and get-rich schemes. Far from running away from work, they wake up, throw the sheets off the bed, and actually look forward to work! So they love what they do, and don’t need a weekend, a six-pack, and ten DVDs to escape from their “job.”

This is a career to them, not a job.

And they have discovered how to balance work and life and bring meaning to both.

Everyone in this group is a good teacher. They recognize that real duplication comes from their possessing good teaching skills much more than selling skills. They follow a formula that allows large numbers of people to replicate their actions.

Everyone is this group is also a student.They have a passion for lifelong learning and set aside daily time for quiet reflection and self-development.

Everyone in this group is a leader. They weren’t born a leader. Nobody appointed them to the position, and they couldn’t care less about titles, hierarchy, or conformity. They are called to lead from the dreams within their soul. They lead because they have belief. Belief in a better way. And they know that conviction comes with a responsibility to share that belief with the larger community.

They don’t think it’s their responsibility to sponsor everyone they know. But they do feel a responsibility to offer the business to everyone they know.

So what do you think?

Are these the qualities you see in the top leaders you know? What else would you add? And how do you stack up? Please share your thoughts and keep the discussion going. —RG

Please, do that today on Randy's blog here:

Thanks. I appreciate you.


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