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Ask Great Questions…

from John…

Anthony Robbins said something (close to this) that I really love:

“Ask lousy questions.
Get lousy answers.

Ask great questions.
Get great answers.”

I asked Doug Firebaugh, the brains (& heart) behind the new Home Business Radio to look over this website and give me some suggestions to make it more & better. In the true spirit of Networking, Doug enrolled two of his business-friends to stop by the site and give me their feedback. Doug hangs with some remarkable Internet marketing legends, Matt Bacak and Frank Kern. Amongst other suggestions about color, headlines, improved BUY buttons and video, the two gurus posed a number of great questions to ask & answer.

“The question is the answer.”

Keeping The Greatest Networkers in heart & mind, ask yourself these questions and watch what happens next…

• What do they see in this business that YOU KEEP MISSING?
• What daily actions did they take YOU NEED TO TAKE?
• What skills did they learn YOU MUST MASTER?
• What are they thinking that YOU ARE NOT?
• What are they doing that YOU HAVE NOT?
• What are they saying that YOU DO NOT?
• What do they know that YOU DON’T?

Would you like to learn in hours what it took them YEARS TO LEARN?

YOU CAN DO EXACTLY THAT… with the true stories, struggles, strategies & secrets of The Greatest Networkers in the World.

I appreciate you.


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