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Who are the better Network Marketers, men or women? – Dr. Josephine Gross

from Conversations with The Greatest Networkers…

mentorNetworking Times.

In this clip from the recent session “Women & Network Marketing,” John asks the good doctor, “Who are the better Network Marketers, men or women?” Josephine replied…

“The answer is the leaders in Network Marketing are those people who have integrated the feminine and the masculine qualities because they’re really equally needed.

There’s more in this 03:12 minute clip from “Women & Network Marketing,” the January 15 release of Conversations…


“The best leaders are those who have the best balance of the masculine and the feminine qualities. Because in Network Marketing you cannot succeed as a male just practicing the male qualities or as a female practicing the female qualities. You have to do both.”

DR. JOSEPHINE GROSS: Women & Network Marketing. Do women make the best Network Marketers? The Editor of Networking Times says, “Yes.” Why? What can we all learn from women’s natural strengths to build better businesses? Great Q&A.

Released JANUARY 15, 2012.

“I believe network marketing is such a wonderful vehicle to become all of what we can become. It’s really a journey that’s an evolutionary step for men to integrate their feminine and for women to step into their masculine while not neglecting their feminine.”

Click the player below to listen to the 03:11 clip now.

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Josephine’s microphone was picking up excess noise, so the quality is not the best. The content is. Hang in with it please.


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