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“Network Marketing is unadulterated hard work.” Ken Dunn

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What makes Ken a Greatest Networker?

First and foremost, he’s never stopped trying to get better at prospecting— never stopped recruiting. Even today, he’s always constantly trying to get better.

What Ken knows for a fact is that in terms of recruiting and prospecting, people only join the business because…

“They know you, like you, and trust you.”

“Unfortunately,” Ken says, “most people make an opinion of another person within the first five minutes of an interaction. So, you always have to be working on having the best first impression you can. That includes your physical fitness, your health and wellness, your mental clarity, and your ability to connect with people and create rapport.” So Ken studies those things like a science.


What does it take to be a million-dollar annual income earner? By now you know Ken’s not going to candy-coat his answer for you.

“Listen,” he said. “I’ve excelled at the highest levels in Network Marketing. I’ve traveled in 40 countries. I’ve had over 300,000 people in my downlines and made millions of dollars.”

“What I know is that it is unadulterated hard work.”

“What’s been a fortunate experience for me,” Ken says, “is that I’ve had success in three other businesses outside of Network Marketing. The farther along the road I’ve gotten in this business, the more I realize that it is absolutely no different than success in any business. There’s not one single person on this planet that started at ground zero and built significance in any industry who will tell you it was easy.”

“It takes a lot of work,” Ken says. “Real blood, sweat, and tears. It takes guts and determination. It takes a real laser sharp focus on you developing the best you that you can be. And that is not just lip service. That’s the truth.”

“There’s this real consciousness on creating the right image for those around you to aspire to be like,” Ken says, “because you’re the example. You’re the leader. That takes internal work, developing the right ideals, the right values, the right goals. And that stuff’s not easy.”

And on top of that, as Ken points out, it’s about never giving up or backing off.

“The top leaders in the world are the hardest workers.”

“You’ve got to build it up before you can sit back and enjoy it,” Ken says. “It’s to the victor comes the spoils. That’s the guy who has won the war. Until then, it’s a dogfight. You’ve got to put the effort in, the work in, the time in. You’ve got to be willing to sacrifice, and there’s no easy way around that.”


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  1. You are absolutely correct! I am not in Ken’s business but have met him and study his prospecting method. He’s an inspiration and helpful (unknown to him) mentor of mine.

  2. Thanks Nick. Now, I trust, he knows

    His relationship-based approach is music to my values and my conviction that Network Marketing IS a business of Relationships, Friendships & Partnerships, developed through Leadership— Shipping & Receiving.

    Thanks again.
    I appreciate you.

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