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This is the last day…

… you can get The Mentor Collection.

John wrote:

I’ve put together what I think is the greatest selection of million-dollar masters of this business for you to learn from: The Mentor Collection. It’s the most comprehensive, valuable and extensive educational package I’ve ever offered… or for that matter, ever seen before.

Please, check it out and learn if it’s right for you. The price of $50 certainly is. And the offer ends this Saturday. Tomorrow.



With The Mentor Collection you’ll get twenty-one of The Greatest Networkers in the World from Book One:

    TGNsCover-FlatJordan Adler, Margie Aliprandi, Lynn Allen-Johnson, Richard Brooke, Art Burleigh, Eddy Chai, Ken Dunn, Sandy Elsberg, Randy Gage, Dr. Sven Goebel, John Haremza, Donna Imson, Beth Jacobs, Donna Johnson, Frank Keefer, Bob Middleton, Warren Nelson, Linda Proctor, Sarah Robbins, Ørjan Saele and Carolyn Wightman as your Mentors.

    And you’ll be getting them in a variety of reading & listening formats that optimize both you’re learning and their usefulness for your business:

  • A PDF copy of the 195-page eBook of “The Greatest Networkers in the World” plus all 21 Chapters in individual 7-page PDF files. All yours to keep and share.
  • TWO autographed copies of the printed book. One signed for you personally and one signed, “You’re the Greatest! John” to use for prospecting or to give away. Both sent to you Priority Mail.
  • The 21 complete Mp3 audio “source” Interviews (18+ hours) and over 500+ pages of the unedited Transcripts John made & used to write the book.
  • A year-long subscription to “Conversations with The Greatest Networkers…” twice-a-month 45 minute to one-hour up-close and professional drill-down-deeper than the book could go nuts-and-bolts interviews with The Greatest Networkers… plus complete transcripts and added bonus material.

You get it ALL for $50 (plus shipping & handling for your two signed books).

It’s a pretty remarkable offer.


There’s best way for you to become the best you can be in this business is to learn from the best in the business. That’s what’s on offer. Cheap.


Click this link to learn more and purchase any of the Editions (digital & print) of Book One, the Interviews & Transcripts and a year’s worth of Conversations. The new Mentor Collection— is a limited-time offer of all our products that’s a remarkable value for only $50.



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