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The (almost) perfect gift for every MLMer on your list

(almost)…? Yeah.

Perfect, would be a never-ending river of wide-open prospects hungry to learn all about your opportunity, ready to start immediately…. Unstoppable commitment would be perfect…. As would unshakable belief— in the products, company, the profession itself and in you your self… Or perhaps a box full of proven, powerful, persuasive prospecting tools that never failed.

Okay. Those are NOT going to happen. So, how about second-best?

That we can do.

From now until… we’re offering a Greatest Networkers Holiday Package— The Mentor Collection. It offers remarkable value at a more-than affordable price.

What you’ll get is:

  • The digital edition of Book One in a downloadable, reprintable, cut & pasteable PDF as well as all 21 of The Greatest Networker’s individual Chapters and the right to spread them around to your prospects and your team.
  • Two autographed copies of The Greatest Networkers in the World printed edition— one to keep & one to give).
  • You’ll also get the complete Interviews & Transcripts John used to create the book: Over 18 hours of Mp3 audio interviews and 500+ pages of transcripts. Both to keep & share.


  • You’ll be signed-up to receive “Conversations with The Greatest Networkers…” An on-going series of 45 minute to an-hour up-close and personal and professional interviews with the people in the book, as well as up-and-comers and assorted industry experts. These are drill-down, nuts-n-bolts learning sessions that dig into the specifics of how to build a successful, million-dollar Network Marketing enterprise. You’ll get Randy Gage & Dr. Sven Goebel right away.

Bought separately they would cost more than $100. The “more-than affordable” cost of the Mentor Package is $50 (plus shipping & handling of the printed books).

We cannot give you the gift of success.

We can give you the understanding & true stories you can use to do that yourself.

The clear message from The Greatest Networkers is… “If we can do it, so can you.”

It’s simple:

To become the best, learn from the best.

You can purchase the Mentor Collection here.




  1. Can someone call me, and have a few questions in regards to this offer. I might want to get more than one, but would love to be able to speak with someone. Please call me at 559-688-0152 home office
    or 559-731-2904 cell phone.

  2. Mak Azad

    Mr. Fogg is really a great auther. Any one can help me to know about “beauty of network marketing”? Then please sms me to this number +8801815298599

  3. the greatest networker is with you. the is key plan(visualize) + action(prepared) + faith (believe to your outcome)

  4. Ife Odigwe

    please im a networker in Nigeria n i’v bin trying to pay for n get all d materials but iv not bin able to…im finding it difficult in the areas of state,zip code n phone num..pls help me..i want to succeed

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