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Sarah Robbins: A Defining Moment

from Book One.

Sarah RobbinsEach of The Greatest Networkers recalls one (or more) “defining moment” that became a tipping point in their careers. Here’s Sarah’s…

One of Sarah’s defining moments in this business came was when she was earning about $3,800 just selling products. She was having a very hard time recruiting. There was a gal who had found an online ad for the company and she called Sarah, and talked to her about the opportunity. Her husband was a former member of the New York Stock Exchange. He’d gone online looking for an opportunity for his wife. He called her and said, “This is an amazing business opportunity. You’re doing this.” He said,

“Tell everybody you know, all your friends, and in six months your residual income will be insane.”

So she called Sarah and asked her about everything and said, “What are you doing tonight?” Sarah said, “I’m doing an event in Ohio.” The woman drove eight hours and showed up at the end of the event, put the products on her hand, and says, “Let’s go out to eat.”

They sat down and she said to Sarah, “I’m ready to get started now.” Sarah said, “Look, I’m really tired. Let’s do this tomorrow.” She now knows what a foolish and risky thing that was to say, and thanks God the woman was still excited and that she signed up the next day.

In six months that woman developed an ongoing six-figure, residual income from her efforts. Sarah’s check went from $3,800 to $11,000 and she said, “Okay, this works.” From then on, “It was amazing.”

Sarah had a massive organization starting to build, and her confidence just went through the roof.

Sarah jokes that before that time, she was the least-highest income earner in the company. Today, she is #1.

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