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Sarah Robbins— Learn the Message

from Conversations with The Greatest Networkers…

mentorYou’d think that with years of teaching experience Sarah Robbins would be a natural approaching people about her products and the opportunity to partner with her exploding company.

Nope. Sure Sarah was secure with her kids, but when it came to people taller than waist-high, she fell apart. Completely.

So, what did the not-yet-thirty, superstar in less that three years, now earning an annual million-dollar income do to pull a 180 and turn her career around?

Best to have Sarah tell you in this 07:50 minute clip from the latest release of Conversations…


SARAH ROBBINS: Network Marketing By the Numbers True or False? “It’s a numbers game.” Get together a group of top income earners in the business and compare facts & figures. That’s what Sarah did, and in this session she reveals what she learned.
Released DECEMBER 15, 2011.

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