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Finding the Answers…

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Interviews with The Greatest Networkers

Comments are starting to come in about The Audio Interviews. Here’s one from a friend and long-time Networker, Arnold Hella.

No matter what level a Network Marketer is at, every now and then we all ask ourselves certain questions. You could be brand new or seasoned, it doesn’t matter.

What should I be doing?

What can I improve?

What will it take me to reach the next level?

Who can I trust?

I get bombarded with pitches for new “stuff” every day.

In these audio Interviews with The Greatest Networkers, John Fogg did for his up coming book you will find those answers and more.

John pulls back the curtain and goes back stage to the after party and has a relaxed conversation that reveals the true inside stories— from the few Greatest Networkers who take off like a shot out of the gate, to the many more of them that remind me of Secretariat.

The questions John asks are very direct and the answers
are equally straight forward and candid.

Inspiring… Yes

Motivating… Yes

And something I’m already using to build a better, bigger business… YES!

— Arnold Hella

If you’ve listened these remarkable audios, please eMail me: jmftgn(a) and tell me what you like best about them and why.

I appreciate you.

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